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  • Great Meatless Monday lunch! only $9.50 Vegan Chili & roasted veggie hummus 1/2 sandwich on multigrain

    08:56 AM Jan 22

  • Mushroom Ragu Pasta!

    08:39 AM Jan 19

  • Soups on! Seafood Chowder (fave) Tomato basil Vegan Chili Roasted butternut squash

    08:39 AM Jan 19

  • Come Join us for lunch All you favorites are here buttermilk fried chicken sandwich catfish pulled pork Salad sampler Pick 2 Combo & more

    08:38 AM Jan 19

  • sOUpeR DoUPer SoUp!! Tomato Basil Vegan Chili Double Salmon Chowder- Smoked & Wild Yummy Yummy Sweet Potato- coconut milk (vegan)

    08:42 AM Jan 12

  • Souper Douper SOup! Vegan Chili Butternut Squash Russian MUshroom & potato Black bean & ham Tomato Basil

    08:20 AM Jan 04

Nitro Cold Brewed Coffee!

Are you ready to take your morning coffee to the next level? Do you yearn for a new drink experience unlike any other? If so, the The GreenBee Café has the drink for you. Nitro Coffee! That’s right Washington DC, The GreenBee Cafe has more than just great catering for all your events. We now have a great new way to start your day…end your day…or just keep your day going!

What is Nitro Coffee you ask? Let us enlighten you…

As you may or may not know Nitrogen is a odorless, clear gas. However, when you add it to a keg along with some high quality coffee, you are rewarded with a foamy, smooth and creamy beer-like coffee. No, this is not what you are thinking. This is not, a beer for the morning. Nitro Coffee is much much more. You have an entirely new way to enjoy coffee.

As with your traditional coffee or espresso, you can customize Nitro Coffee to your taste. Add cream and sugar, maybe some flavored syrup. You can enjoy the drink over ice or straight from the keg.

The GreenBee Café is proud to offer our Washington DC customers the chance to try Nitro Coffee. Stop in today and taste a new coffee experience.



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